Software for Business

We provide software and utilities to save you TIME...
... What are you going to do with yours ?

Getting the right advice on technology questions is essential for efficiency in your business


We offer advice on all aspects of IT Business Software from board-level strategic assessments to individual independant project reviews


If you need to cut through the technology and look at the business benefits then we can help you in that task, technology can be confusing and we can help you understand the technologies involved.

Do any of the following fit your requirements ?...

Software Utilities - Creating small, bespoke applications (now often called "Apps")can make small repetitive tasks a breeze examples we have completed include Invoice Duplication, Stock Counting and Analysis that interface with Quickbooks™

Full Software Applications - Designing and developing applications that help you to run your business, recent examples include Workshop monitoring and billing, Ordering and Stock control, Service Booking and Dispatch Systems and more..

Web Based Applications - Whether the internet is a central part of your business or whether you think it should be, developing small test applications for you to use when developing your future strategy.

Consultancy - Help and advice on technical projects ensuring that they make sense for you as a business owner, explaining the technicalities surrounding software and IT in general

How we can work together...

If you are looking for any level of consultancy, from turnkey software solutions to simply reviewing project documentation or attending sales presentations, I can add value to your decision making. If you find it difficult to facilite brainstorming sessions at any level or you need input at strategic and board meetings, I can help. Working as part of your team or as an independant advisor ensuring that you get efficiencies from technology is the prime aim of our time together. If you have a specific requirement based on unfamiliarity with technical equipment and processes, I also offer to "one to one" technical coaching sessions where your individual questions on any IT based technical topic are answered.

Call Steve Farmer - 07751 838999 or use the contact form for a no obligation discussion on your specific challenges and requirements