My first job was within the Test and Diagnostics department of a large electronic company as an electronic engineer.

Later jobs took me away from component level electronics but over the past 5 years I have returned to my roots following the design and development of the Simbell system for Church Bell Ringing. 

I now take on small design, prototyping, and development projects as well as feasibility studies using mainstream microprocessor systems.

Some projects I have worked on recently include:

Simbell – now at v5.0 this system is under constant development and improvement.

Data Triggered DMX System – used to detect specific data within a stream and changing DMX lighting accordingly.

 10 input data logger – used to diagnose intermittent faults on heating systems

 Voice Control for Bellringing system – allows the use of human voice to control ringing system software



I offer all my clients options for engaging my services to assist, these can be by the hour or on a project basis.

If you would like to discuss any project or option with me, then just pick up the phone and call me – 07751 838999 or send me an email outlining your requirement and I will contact you – steve.farmer@elginhill.com 

If you require a NDA before discussing your project with me, then this is fine and I am happy to oblige.