Simbell Wireless is a simulator system for Church Bells which allows teaching and practice in silence as the clappers on the bell(s) can be tied and all the “bongs” will be provided via software on a connected computer.

The Simbell system sends it’s signals from the belfry to the ringing room wirelessly negating the need for the installation of signal wires down the tower making the system easily portable to create “popup” training facilities wherever you want, this portability is a major advantage for teachers as they are not restricted to a single tower when it comes to teaching.

There is a lot of information here on everything from installation, to using the system with Abel , Virtual Belfry or any of the other commercial software packages in the form of videos from our YouTube Channel called “simbell technical” , but I pride myself on providing as much support as I can to towers and teachers, so if there are any questions then please get in touch.

Simbell History...

“Steve Farmer is the force behind Simbell, with a background in IT, Electronics and software development, he started ringing in 2016, his wife Jill having learnt over 20 years previously, a trip to an open day at their local church had him hooked within a few minutes and the rest (they say) is History”

This is the description that I have used to give some background on where Simbell came from, if you want to listen to the full story, the you could do worse than listening to the “Fun With Bells” Podcast here 

I am a passionate believer in using all the tools available to help in teaching and practicing and simulators are a natural extension to this. 

Service and support come with everything I do, many of the towers I work with have very little IT experience so I provide telephone and remote support,  and furthermore I give a full and complete guarantee that if the system doesn’t work for you, then return it within 12 months and you will get your money back.

Some comments from Simbell Users ..


I will be around all weekend so come say Hello !!

Stock has arrived 13/12/2023!

The motherboard order that was due by the 19th December has arrived and all Simbell orders that were pending are now being built and tested, and should be out for delivery in the next 5 days.

Steve Farmer


I am on annual leave until the 26th February 2024.

I will have some access to Email and WhatsApp so feel free to message me and I will respond as soon as I can. 

Simbell orders & demo kits will be despatched after
28th February 2023.