When you have problems, you can contact me to try and resolve them, but you can also look through the videos in this section which show the most common problems and some ideas to resolve them as well as some more general advice and information.

Please note that some of these videos show earlier product versions, operating systems, and software, I am in the process of updating them and these will be uploaded when available.



SIMBELL Technical - Virtual Belfry - Changing the Observation Bell

Simbell Technical - Diagnostics - Connection Problems

SIMBELL Technical - Adjustment of Transmitter Sensitivity

Restoring Abel Menu Bars

SIMBELL Technical - Adjusting Receiver Power

Simbell Technical - Diagnostic - Powering your System

Simbell Technical - Diagnostics - Transmitter Mounting

Simbell Technical - Diagnostics - Computer Connections

SIMBELL Technical - Setting your Com Port

Installing the USB Drivers for SIMBELL

Antenna Positioning

I have had a few queries recently regarding poor transmission levels. These can often be caused by the antenna on the transmitters or receiver being straight out. This is not optimal for the units and were possible the antenna should be “bent” at 90 degrees to the case as shown on the left. If you are having problems with distance or missed signals then this is a good place to start.

This can be relevant to the Transmitters AND Receiver

If you have any questions, then please get in touch – steve@simbell.co.uk