Considerable time has been spent putting together a number of videos on the Simbell System as well as how to setup and use different options to improve teaching and learning for ringers of all experience levels. These videos are updated as soon as is practical to cover new releases of simbell hardware and software, and also where possible major releases of the ringing software.

Installation / Setup

The video below shows the full installation of Simbell in a 6-Bell Tower, including transmitter installation, power cabling, setup of hardware, and setup of timings for the bells in Virtual Belfry and Abel.

If you are looking for a specific item, then the following timings may be of assistance:

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Checking then system before installation
06:00 Setting up the Reciever and Transmitters and Laptop
19:04 Positioning Transmitters on the Frame
21:50 Power Cabling and Connectors
25:23 A look at the completed wiring and positions
27:30 Installing the reflectors on the wheels
28:48 Aerial Positioning
30:38 Setup of the Delay Timing on Virtual Belfry and Abel
38:25 Final Round up and hints

A "Pop Up" Installation

Simbell’s Wireless Operation makes it ideal for setting up a quick session in a tower for training or practice, in this video I show you how to set up a simulator in just a few minutes for this purpose.

Installing USB Driver for the Receiver

Diagnosing Connection Problems